Jobseeker's Monday Mindset:
Gain Clarity &
Obtain Your Dream Career

Start Your Year With a Success Mindset!

At The Career College we understand 2020 has been an extremely challenging for most.

Many Australians, perhaps like yourself, have found themselves without employment due to these unprecedented times.

Jobseeker’s Monday Mindset is an invitation for you to take time out and start your month on a high with likeminded professionals seeking to make the next steps in their career.

Reclaim Your Life

2021 is the year you get your dream job, career, create that successful business and attract all the abundance you deserve.

The Career College invites you to join us for a live coaching session with
Annette Hurley, together with likeminded business professionals and jobseekers as well as  fellow Career College Inner Circle members and guests.

Refocus - Reenergise - Reboot - Reinvent

In This One Hour Group Coaching Session You Will...

Learn - Grow - Break Free

With 30+ years of experience Annette is an Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer as well as an Academic, Executive, Mindset & Career Coach. She provides much more than text book coaching. Her eclectic background enables her to deliver a results oriented, knowledgeable and holistic approach for business owners and individuals from all walks of life.

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