Recruitment Design Strategy

Our Consultant Experts will meet with you to discuss and design a Recruitment Strategy that will address your specific needs.

Position Analysis

We will obtain/design the position analysis to assist in candidate screening, and to ensure there is a complete understanding of the position expectations.

Database Search

A database search is completed to source job candidates from our pre-registered list that match your position analysis and have the skills required.


Additionally, an advertisement will be written that is designed to attract suitable job candidates who possess the necessary skills and match the position analysis.


By conducting face-to-face interviews we are able to ensure the candidate has the necessary skills and fits the position requirements.

Reference Checks

Thorough reference checks are completed; referees are all asked specific questions based on the position to ensure candidate suitability.

Shortlisting Applicants

Select suitable applicants to progress in further stages; these candidates will possess the skills and personal qualities to perform the job to a high standard.

Client Interviews

The shortlisted candidates will progress to client interviews where the most appropriate people for the position will be selected.

Assessment - Skills/Personality

The candidate will go through an assessment stage that is based on the positions responsibilities; these tests could be in different forms.

Negotiation, On-Boarding and Induction

We will take part and assist in negotiation of contracts, on-boarding staff and the induction processes. Also continuing to monitor their progress throughout.